Monday, 31 October 2011

Does she know who I am??

Well, I have survived a crazy, crazy week. Usually in my profession, half-term means a week off. Of course, I am now in the same league of parents who no longer have a half-term 'off' and that from now on, half-term is only going to get crazier and busier.

This half-term, however, meant work for me. And I mean, full on work! Teaching all day at a children's dance workshop and then straight to rehearsals for a show for another school and then at the end of work my normal teaching jobs. I literally didn't stop.

Now because I work in the evenings, I am lucky I get to spend all day with Molly. And driving off to work, means I get to put my music up a little louder and shout loudly at he who dares to cut me up.

But this week, I was out in the day, every day, and sometimes not home until 10.30/11pm. Come Wednesday, it's safe to say, I was definitely fighting back tears as I left the house. I missed her like crazy. My brief moments I had with her in the morning, i wondered.....Does she think I don't care about her anymore? Has she forgotten I am her mummy? Does she prefer Nanny looking after her instead? Completely tormenting myself, and feeling incredible guilt as I left her for another day.

Ok, so I know I am being silly but I think these are completely normal reactions. But is it almost impossible to get the right balance? i wasn't having 'me' time, I was having 'career' time, but either or, is it impossible to do either without feeling prangs of guilt?

I once read a quote "You can be a mum and have a career, or you can be a mum and have a social life. Never both". Really? I mean that's silly right? But I think if I had all 3, all I would do is feel guilt. Am I setting myself up for having a very clingy baby?

Answers on a postcard....

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bubble and Balm - Review

Ever since I found I was expecting with Molly, I get the constant urge to be cleaning. I'm like a kid at Christmas when I see the word 'antibacterial'. Not quite reached OCD status, however here's hoping!

To help me reach my OCD goal, Bubble & Balm sent me some fabulous antibacterial goodies.....never thought the words 'fabulous' and 'antibacterial' would be side by side in a sentence, but there they are, looking just lovely together. Totally getting off track here.

Bubble & Balm were one of the first companies in the UK to offer Fairtrade certified body products and the first 100% Fairtrade UK body care company. Not sure what Fairtrade is? Swot up here.

So HUGE brownie points for Bubble & Balm for using Fairtrade, but what else? Their products are created using natural plant based ingredients, so no nasty's and definitely no hurt animals in the process. Yippee.

The liquid soap is rich and gentle and without sounding like a Fairy liquid ad, left my hands so so soft. But the best bit? the fragrance wasn't overpowering. some soaps make it seem like you have sprayed your best ( Chanel no.5) all over your hands.

The hard soap comes in a lovely aluminum tin case and has lasted well, and not cracked at the first sign of use.

I also love the simplicity of the packaging and sometimes simplicity goes along way.

Thank you Bubble & Balm. I will be sending you my bill for OCD therapy sessions.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bloom - Review

OK...main factors to consider when choosing a highchair:

1. Practicability
2. Comfortableness

Factors to consider when I choose a highchair:

1. Style and will I gain extra 'cool-mum' points??

So after 30 mins of assembling the 'chosen one'...

et voila.

The Bloom Fresco. When God was giving out looks to highchairs, this was first in the queue. But, dear friends,  to my surprise, it's very practical. The Fresco has a crib, so you can lean the chair back for smaller babies, and then lift back up for an older baby. You can raise the seat, or lower, to keep in line with a dining table, AND its incredibly easy to clean. Easy to wipe, and no annoying little holes for crumbs to sit and hide and you can remove the seat pad to make sure there are no escapee crumbs too.

See not just a pretty face, huh?

BUT. Sorry there is a but. I couldn't put Molly in it straight away. She was 6 months and she looked so small and uncomfortable, that I had to wait. Molly was a small baby though but I still feel that it's best to wait until they can sit up properly.

Oh and just so you know, Kourtney Kardashian has one. That was enough for me.


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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Emma Levine - Review

Since becoming mama to Molly, one thing I have noticed is the growing competition between online children sites selling unique and incredibly stunning products. Targeted at mummies like me who always think 'only the best for my child' and a complete sucker for anything bright, funky and Boden-esque.

My new find is the gorgeous Emma Levine store, which I just need to share with you. If you are weak like me with a penchant for spending on your kids and run the risk of bringing up incredibly spoilt children, you may want to look away now. You're still looking aren't you......

Emma's inspiration comes from all things vintage. And if you take a look at the website, you will find nothing remotely tacky. In fact, I absolutely adore every single item. And the best bit: It's reasonably priced. YAY!

Molly was sent two fabulous outfits. A butterfly printed jersey t-shirt and legging combo and a romper with hat.

The jersey legging outfit (£29) is just adorable. In fact, I want one for me.

The romper is also equally as adorable, however the hat didn't fit Molly (yep mummy googling large baby head!) and also instead of where poppers are, they have used buttons. Classier, yes. Annoying, yes!!!!

Take a look at the outfits below, and my gorgeous Molly too. And then get exercising those fingers for some intense online shopping at Emma Levine.

*Only girls clothes sold, I'm afraid!!

Emma Levine also has a Facebook page. Take a look.
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