Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ayra Rose - A review.

Ayra Rose is a new online clothing range which stocks the cutest but also beautifully stylish clothes for young children.
The clothes are custom designed, so you can be quite certain that your fashionista is wearing a completely unique style. From gorgeous rompers to beautiful denim dresses, I've even seen a cute black and white stripe 'twinning' outfit. Thats right, mum and daughter set - I LOVE a little twinning moment.

We were sent some lovely items for M and J. Take a look:

J's outfit is absolutely adorable. It looked incredibly comfortable and perfect for warm, sunny days. I was really surprised at the quality of the material. Where the clothes are not from a well-known high street brand, there is the risk about quality but J's body vest and harem trousers were soft and passed my 'hand' of the fabric test - which literally means how it feels when touched. The fabric is thick (ever noticed how Primark clothing is VERY thin!) and smooth which needs to be when you have a toddler who is into everything!

M was sent a gorgeous necklace which she instantly fell in love with, in fact, she hasn't taken it off.

The colours are bright and highly complimentary of most outfits. I'm not sure of the exact materials used but has a 'rubber' feel which M loved. She says it felt soft on her skin and not too heavy either.

Have a look at some of the other gorgeous items for sale at Arya Rose:

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