Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cocoonababy Love

Hello folks.

So it only seemed like yesterday I was laying in an operating theatre thinking 'here we go again!' But 6 months on and I have the gorgeous, and a tummy baby Jack!
I will post about my birth in another post but firstly I wanted to draw attention to a product literally sent from heaven!

Now, 4 years ago when my little Molly was born, we really struggled with her reflux and constant griping pain especially at night time. We propped her head up with pillows, spent a fortune on reflux pillow wedges, you name it. The Cocoonababy would've made life so much easier.
We were lucky enough to have one for Jack, however.
At first, it feels a bit weird popping them in there. With just a little strap over them - but all we had to do was look at how content he was to know all was good.

The Cocoonababy literally is the shape of their body and is so soft and comforting. It almost feels like a little nest for them.

Those few weeks and months are so precious, even when they are sleeping you just can't help but want to stare at them. Jacks sleeping was greatly improved by the Cocoonababy - he felt safe and secure. Although, let's not kid ourselves here, I was still a boob leaking, constipated and emotional mess at 2 am at night feeds. 
But that's another story.

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