Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beauty and the Bib - Review

Beauty and the Bib really is a fairytale business story come true. Started up as a small Greenwich Market stall in 2004, Lara (the founder) was snapped up by the likes of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Daisy & Tom. The product? Beautiful but practical bibs! Simple, yet actually really hard to find!
The bibs are really soft and absorbent, yet fun and incredibly cute. Molly suffers with reflux, so sick is an issue after every milk feed, so the fact the bibs cover most of her body saves me having to change her every me this was the case a little while back!!

Beauty and the Bib geneorously sent me two beautiful bibs to try on Molly. Both came in a gorgeous organza bag each, which will come in handy when traveling.

The first one is a star shape bib with busy bees on. I used this for Molly's lunch feed, which as we know, is incredibly messy. Down her face, hands, on her clothes, even on my sofa...ARGGGH! But the bib caught it all, very impressive and I must say it's a must just for the cute factor!

Another fab thing about both bibs, is that they are big enough to pop round the neck, they simply velcro round the back. Some bibs are so fiddly and tight, that it aggravates Molly before her feed and then it really is a battle between Molly, Mummy and the spoon!

The next bib is a strawberry one. And in my opinion my fave. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Both bibs cost £8.00 each and there are lots of other scrummy designs to choose from. The cupcake design is currently being sold in Harrods, it's stunning!

Beauty and the Bib have loads to offer too. Rompers, hats, slippers and they even have a sale on.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter too for updates.

Who would of thought a bib could be so beautiful!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wine, Spa, and a lorra, lorra laughs!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Selsdon Park Hotel and Golf Club in Surrey. The occasion? My cousin's 30th birthday celebrations!

We were absolutely blessed with the weather, which just made the weekend even more perfect. When we arrived, we checked out the spa, had a swim, sauna and steam and grabbed some lunch. I was already starting to feel the most relaxed I have been since, well, since falling pregnant to be honest!

The champers had been popped and the wine flowing (at a huge cost!) but it was lovely having all the girlies together having a giggle! The more wine that was consumed, the cruder the conversations. I have not laughed so much in a long time, especially due to one of our friends who is always the life and soul and can count on her to have you in stitches. Or as she calls herself 'Amy Housewine'.

I decided to stop drinking at a certain those who know me, know that when I am out, I love having a giggle and a few drinks, but since Molly, I have this fear of having a stonking hangover. I just cannot handle it, and plus I wanted to enjoy the next day, so birthday girl and I popped on our PJ's and had a cuppa! Oh dear, whats happened to me?? I used to be a party girl! Now I feel like a middle aged goody two shoes, but I sure i will get my mojo back one day!

Day 2 and we were up early for breakfast and then out to the pool. We were so lucky, one of the hottest days of the year, and I had no suncream!! My skin has not seen the sun since 2009 - I was pregnant last summer - so after getting my pearly whites out, I did steal a bit of sun cream otherwise I would of been going home dressed up as crispy bacon.

Sunbathing, full body hour massage and lunch and it was off home to see my gorgeous Molly Moo's. missed her so incredibly much, but it was a gorgeous weekend and one i think we all deserved!

Friday, 24 June 2011

*Baby Luxe* - Bambino Merino

 Over the coming weeks, months, years (?)...I will be bringing you reviews on all thing luxurious and gorgeously beautiful for those apples of your eyes. Some exciting reviews are on their way, starting with Bambino Merino.


Over at Bambino Merino HQ, they took the fabulous decision of giving little ol' me a chance of reviewing one of their beautiful sleep bags.
I am big fan of sleeping bags, you have complete reassurance that the blanket is not going to creep on to their faces in the middle of the night - a parents worst nightmare!
But why Bambino Merino? Why are their sleep bags so different to the 'norm'?

The sleep bags are made out of merino wool. Basically merino wool is all you want and need out of a fabric. It breathes when you need it to, virtually impossible to be allergic to merino, and can be worn at any time of the year.

So with regards to a sleep bag for babies is absolutely perfect. They can be used from 3 months to 2 years, with poppers under the arms to adjust for size of baby/child.

It put me straight at ease knowing that Molly was neither too hot nor cold in her bag. I have many sleep bags for her, varying from a 1.0 tog to a 2.5 tog and always panic thinking is it warm enough for her or the other way round.

Molly has been sleeping through the night but on rare occasions. Most of the time she will have one bottle through the night. A week of the Bambino Merino baby sleeping bag - slept right through, EVERY NIGHT!!!!

                               This is how I found Molly in the morning....facing the other way!!

Bambino Merino - I salute you! Mummy Holly has finally had some decent sleep. I even complained the other morning as I had too much sleep. Don't worry I have quickly withdrawn this comment....

£56.95 is a small price to pay for a great night sleep for both you and your little one.

They also make sleepsuits, hats, socks and plenty more! Now they just need to make adult sized sleep bags!!

Bambino Merino

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

This week is Breastfeeding Awareness Week. And to be quite honest, I am getting sick and tired of the amount of pressure that is put on ladies to breastfeed!

Before my gorgeous baby girl Molly was born, I planned on breastfeeding. I attended the breastfeeding course on the NHS to make sure I was really clued up. The course was great. And the midwife did stress that it would not be easy but it’s completely worth it. The best start for your baby, cheap, convenient (no bottles, sterilising etc) and don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY agree.

However, such is life, things do not always go to plan!

Molly was born and I breastfed her for her first few feeds. She wasn’t having a lot, but I didn’t panic as I knew it takes time. The fact that I had a c-section didn’t help as of course I was very uncomfortable. Then after a few tests it came back Molly had a little infection due to my waters breaking early and then delayed labour, so she had an IV drip and canular fitted into her tiny, tiny hands. It broke my heart.
Everything went down hill from there. I was going through the baby blues, constantly crying and worrying about my precious baby girl, that the last thing I needed was the added stress of breastfeeding. She wasn’t really taking it and of course, I just wanted Molly to get better, so as her mummy I took the decision that I just wanted her as strong as possible rather than having an infection then being told her sugar levels were low due to not feeding properly (I overheard this ‘chat’ from midwives to ladies all the time on the ward).
I mentioned it to one midwife that I was considering switching to the bottle, and she brushed it off and just said ‘keep trying’. So I did. Afternoon came, so I mentioned it again to another midwife. ‘Sweetie, it’s not been that long, you should really give it another go’. So I did. But enough was enough. Next midwife visit and luckily it was the ‘nice’ midwife and as soon as I mentioned it she replied ‘ of course, your Molly’s mummy, you do what you feel best. What brand bottle would you like?’. Easy as that.

No one ever takes into account the situation to why a woman is not breastfeeding. I’m sure it’s not because they can’t be bothered. But the period after having a baby is such a delicate time that the last thing us ladies need is added pressure.

I’m glad I bottle-feed Molly and I don’t regret my decision.

So breast maybe best for some but bottles can be the winning ‘formula’ for others!

Rant over.


Monday, 20 June 2011


If I wasn't content enough writing on here, the lovely ladies over at have welcomed me with open arms to contribute to their blogzine. That's right, I get to talk some more! Me and my trusty Mac will take over the world...MOHAHAHAHA.

Ok, enough of that. time to be serious now Holly.

The blogzine was established by Joanne who wanted to write a blog whilst she was pregnant and Louise, who is a nurse, would contribute with medical features for pregnant ladies. Joanne has now since given birth to the lovely Olive and they have both decided to open it up to a few other mummy writers. This is where i enter, and curtsy beautifully.

Don't fret my faithful followers, Dolly's & Daydreams is not going anywhere, and in fact have some exciting reviews and lots of lovely yummy mummy things to talk about, but now i just get to talk even more. Happy days!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Weaning Week!!

It really only feels like yesterday that I gave birth to Molly Moo's, yet here I am scanning and scouring the baby food aisles....where has the time gone?? I cannot believe the variety of brands and foods you can buy, is it sad that I actually get excited about baby food shopping?!

Last week I started Molly on rice. Cow and Gate Rice. It started off badly. With gagging, spitting it out out, pulling the funniest faces and then she turned a corner. She was all smiles by the end of the week and it appears that she actually preferred rice to her milk.

So I now have the fun task of introducing Porridge. I opted to use Plum. Not only because their packaging is just simply gorgeous but also because they use a gluten-free super-food called Quinoa, which has fabulous protein levels. So bib on and the spoon at the ready....

                                                                                  YAY!! WE DID IT MUMMY!!

So, a lot of it went down her and her bib but surely that's all part of the fun of feeding: the mess!!

Molly has really suffered with reflux since day 1 and is still very sick after every bottle, so it is so nice to see her enjoying different tastes and textures.

But thank you Plum for making it a little bit easier. Scrum-diddly-umptious!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

All aboard the new blog train!

As you can see o' faithful followers, I have said 'adios' to Botox to Babies and 'hola' to Dolly's & Daydreams'. Why, I hear you all cry? I had some constructive criticism over the title. Someone actually thought I was offering a service to give botox to babies - I will leave that to the 'lovely' parent in the US who actually does give botox to her daughter!

So why 'Dolly's & Daydreams'?

As a wee infant, my father decided to call me, amongst a variety of names, Holly Dolly Daydream. Then Holly Dolly Daydream had a little Molly. Molly is now a Molly Dolly Daydream. See where I am going with this...

Simples huh?!

So I hope I have not upset anyone too much over the change of name and design, if I have, then take a deep breath, wipe away those tears, bid a fond farewell to Botox to Babies and just embrace the Dolly Daydreams.


Friday, 3 June 2011

Where has my little girl gone?

I was asked to review the book 'Where Has My Little Girl Gone?' by Tanith Carey and although right now, this book has no relevance to me, I have found myself bookmarking certain pages due to the fantastic advice Carey dishes out. 

'Sexy dance routines at school discos, crop-tops and high heels for five-year-olds and mini make-over birthday parties......
Wherever you look, our little girls are being flooded with messages about looks and sexuality they are often simply too young to understand.'

Although Molly is only 4 months old and I have a long way to go until boys and make-up are the epicentre of awkward discussions, I do, however, have a 3 year old step-daughter and I soon realised that at the age of 3, she was already showing signs of being influenced by media and social pressure to be a mini adult.
At the grand old age of 27, it is clear I too have been swayed and hypnotised by media influences, as it is something that has never even crossed my mind until I read the first paragraph. I was shocked to discover that Primark and Tesco's both had to remove padded bras aimed at 7 year old's. It so sad to think that girls have no idea why they need to wear a padded bra and its almost like we are mocking their innocence.
Not only does Carey offer great advice for young and older children, she is also taking a stand. Just because the media make it acceptable for girls to be obsessed with weight, make up and boys and turn our lovely, innocent girls into walking mini Cheryl Cole's, it certainly doesn't make it morally right. We as parents need to voice our opinion and bring back some control in the way we bring up our children.
As a teacher, I see too many girls with eating disorders, hiding behind a mask of thick make-up and even one 6 year old ( thats right, 6!!) actually grinding to the floor just like her favourite pop star Rihanna!
This is a book which is accessible for every day use with handy tips that are easy to read and leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the big bad world of media and say 'NO'.

So if padded bras for girls or pole dancing kits for kids leave you feeling shocked and angry at todays society, then this really is a MUST READ!!

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