Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Weaning Week!!

It really only feels like yesterday that I gave birth to Molly Moo's, yet here I am scanning and scouring the baby food aisles....where has the time gone?? I cannot believe the variety of brands and foods you can buy, is it sad that I actually get excited about baby food shopping?!

Last week I started Molly on rice. Cow and Gate Rice. It started off badly. With gagging, spitting it out out, pulling the funniest faces and then she turned a corner. She was all smiles by the end of the week and it appears that she actually preferred rice to her milk.

So I now have the fun task of introducing Porridge. I opted to use Plum. Not only because their packaging is just simply gorgeous but also because they use a gluten-free super-food called Quinoa, which has fabulous protein levels. So bib on and the spoon at the ready....

                                                                                  YAY!! WE DID IT MUMMY!!

So, a lot of it went down her and her bib but surely that's all part of the fun of feeding: the mess!!

Molly has really suffered with reflux since day 1 and is still very sick after every bottle, so it is so nice to see her enjoying different tastes and textures.

But thank you Plum for making it a little bit easier. Scrum-diddly-umptious!
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