Wednesday, 8 June 2011

All aboard the new blog train!

As you can see o' faithful followers, I have said 'adios' to Botox to Babies and 'hola' to Dolly's & Daydreams'. Why, I hear you all cry? I had some constructive criticism over the title. Someone actually thought I was offering a service to give botox to babies - I will leave that to the 'lovely' parent in the US who actually does give botox to her daughter!

So why 'Dolly's & Daydreams'?

As a wee infant, my father decided to call me, amongst a variety of names, Holly Dolly Daydream. Then Holly Dolly Daydream had a little Molly. Molly is now a Molly Dolly Daydream. See where I am going with this...

Simples huh?!

So I hope I have not upset anyone too much over the change of name and design, if I have, then take a deep breath, wipe away those tears, bid a fond farewell to Botox to Babies and just embrace the Dolly Daydreams.



  1. I am loving the new name, though the I must admit I did like the old one too (something a little non politically correct about it that grabbed your attention!)
    Look forward to reading more posts from Dollys and Daydreams!!

  2. Oh, I am totally with you on this one. I loved Botox to Babies, but just thought sadly in this day in age, being non-politically correct, causes more problems than not. Glad you like the new name and thank you for the lovely comment :-) x

  3. Ha Ha no way ! fab title and lovely blog , really nicely wrote up and eye catching front page , lovley x

  4. Thanks Nicci....I aim to please ;-) xx

  5. After seeing the fuss that Barbie mom caused this week buying her 7 year old a boob job changing your blog name was probably a wise idea!

  6. Ha ha, i know good shout, tall blonde!! x


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