Thursday, 15 August 2013

Step by Step With Dora

I remember when Molly was a wee munchkin and I was adamant to get a set routine in place. From sleeps to dinner to bath and reading - I'm talking at 3 months old here. I wanted everything to be perfect and I think I did good at getting a good solid routine down Bree Van De Kamp style (Desperate Housewives for all you strange beings who clearly missed out).
However, I didn't foresee what was about to come.

The terrible twos.

Well actually not just terrible twos but crazy work schedule.

In an ideal world, I wouldn't work. I would spend every day with my Molly. But as we all know times are tough, and I love lovely things for me and my family. This comes with hard work and I love hard work. I am also very passionate about what I do....what I am getting at is:

On scheduled hair wash days, Molly might hit the roof and I might have a blinding headache.
Or I'm running a little late, so my mum will do dinner and bath at hers and myself or James pick Molly up from work.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe routines are fundamental to a child's upbringing and education and 9/10 we get it right. However, I no longer freak out when ok she has a slightly later bedtime one night out of 7, just because she has a tantrum because she wants to still be playing at 7!

Molly will have her dinner at 5pm, then it's a little time to play while food is digesting, then it's bath, pjs on and then milk, teeth cleaned and stories in bed.......

To help parents, like myself, at getting routines established and to help children cope with change, Nick Jr have launched their Step by Step campaign, with the one and only Dora The Explorer. We were sent a great Nick Jr bag, a Dora wall height chart with stickers - which Molly just loves and some print outs to help with setting the routine.
If you would like some more ideas and tips on routines or even get your hands on the printouts, then head to

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