Monday, 30 May 2011

Bye bye diet. Hello CUPCAKES!

Ok, so if you read my last post then you will know that I kissed my diet goodbye, if you didn't read my last post, then why not?
So the arrival of 4 perfectly formed cupcakes at my front door, couldn't have come at a better time. These scrummy cupcakes were delivered by the none other 'Teena's Cupcake Kitchen' and I have to fully confess this is not the first time I have devoured these naughty but completely worth feeling- guilty- for cakes.
Teenas Cupcake Kitchen provided the cupcakes for my baby shower and boy were they a hit! My poor mum and cousin spent ages getting the food ready and prepared but the only thing that got people talking were the cakes!!
Teena creates personalised cakes to suit your event, so all things baby related, mine were complete with dummys and tiny baby feet on top!!

 So when Numero Uno heard me squeal with delight at had what arrived on my doorstop, I think he envisioned a big fat juicy cheque for ridiculous amounts of money being handed to me, but he should know by now that I am just as easily excited by food.
Teena has introduced 2 new flavours: Lemon and Carrot Cake. 
Carrot Cake is just an absolute favourite of mine, so the fact that the cupcake disappeared within 5 seconds was no real shock, however, I am not a huge fan of Lemon cake. So i took a small and cautious bite. Lets just say, I now have no fear of Lemon cake and have added to my incredibly long list of things I love but shouldn't!!

Please take a look at her website for more info and a gallery to feast your eyes on:


Thank you Teena for your fabulous cupcakes 


Thursday, 26 May 2011

To diet or not to diet.......................

Well, it has been 3 1/2 months since little Molly brightened up my world and it was 2 weeks ago, I ditched the fat pants. I am absolutely no where near my pre-pregnancy weight, but I am seeing a little (and I mean little) light at the end of the tunnel. 
Before Molly, I was a bog standard size I am a size 11. I want to be a size 8 but right now, this really does seem like mission impossible. 
When I waved goodbye to pregnancy, I seemed to also wave goodbye to my metabolism. And so many mummy's will agree with me, unless you are one of the lucky few or you live in Hollywood.
It angers me so much, that there is so much pressure for woman to lose they're baby weight, when they're body has been through a massive ordeal. I sat there in front of the tv, watching E Entertainment (essential baby-feeding viewing) and watching Penelope Cruz rock up on the red carpet, 6 weeks after giving birth looking bloody gorgeous and slim. Now this was a couple of weeks after I had given birth and quite frankly those few weeks are a bit of a blur now, but I am pretty sure I sobbed whilst eating my rice cake and green tea!
Then up popped Miss Juicy, as she will be called, and has already shown her annoyance at me for not mentioning her in my post already. So anyway, up pops Miss Juicy with the amazing new diet called The Primal Diet....basically going back to caveman status! Lots of meat, veg, fruit, no carbs.....basically my idea of hell. I am sure I was Italian in my past life, I live for pasta, bread, cheese, all the things I will no longer be allowed!!
I did this religiously for a week. Scrambled egg for breakfast, salads for lunch, fish and veg for dinner. Feeling great, and starting to feel slim and Penelope Cruz-esque. Well, in my mind anyway.
But it quickly dawned on me, that having a young baby, and spending most of my day thinking about what I can or can't have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, trying to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner especially to suit my needs, while frantically trying to make up bottles, wade through my mountain of washing and ironing, play with my Molly Moo Moo's, keep the house clean and tidy was soon becoming a tad tiring. So yup, you guessed it....I have binned the Primal Diet! So I am back to square 1. Still a size 11 and looking for the perfect diet which entails eating bread and pasta and drinking wine. 

*Or if anyone would like to become my personal chef, I would be eternally grateful. I am of course, completely worth it....


Friday, 20 May 2011

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens......these are a few of my favorite things:

Don't panic. I'm not going all Julie Andrews on you and donning a nun's costume, teaching German children how to sing and prance about on hills. But I have noticed a trend in fellow beauty blogs about telling the world about what  products they use. If your anything like me (incredibly nosy) you will love reading this. However, if your not, and not interested, then i promise my next post will be a showstopper!

Shampoo & Conditioner: Charles Worthington (The pink ones)
Shower Gel: Sanctuary Mum To Be
Styling products: Nicky Clarke hairdryer, GHD's, James Brown Photo Fabulous Wave Spray, Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray
Deodorant: Nivea pearl beauty
Fake Tan: St Tropez Everyday Tan
Skincare: Sainsburys Skin Therapy Eye Make-up Remover, YSL Lisse Expert Moisturiser
Body Moisturiser: Molton Brown Ginseng 
Primer: Smash Box Photo Finish
Foundation: Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser (Day), Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect (Night)
Foundation brush: Elizabeth Arden
Concealer: Boots 17
Blusher: MAC-Fleur Power
Bronzer: Bobbi brown-Golden Light
Highlighter: YSL Touche Eclat........MY MUST HAVE!!!
Eyeshadows: YSL Ombres Vibration duo - 3
Eyeliner: YSL Liquid Eyeliner Black
Curler: Tweezerman
Mascara: DuWop - Lash venom (black)

Lipstick: Lipstick Queen by Poppy in Pink Sinner
Lipgloss: M&S Hello Kitty Lipgloss
Nail Colour: OPI Burlesque Range 


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Flowers fit for a Princess.....

Ok. Ok. The Royal Wedding is old news now, but I can't help thinking since the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge (Princess Kate, to you and I) there has been a surge of proposals and fairy-tale style weddings. I sat there in front of the tv (in my fat pants, folks) watching with a slight touch of the green-eyed monster. My former 'Princess Holly' self, started creeping out. "I want to be a Princess". " I want to get married" " I want 2 billion people watching ME". But i gotta hand it to Kate...she knows how to do it style. 
The topic of conversation was of course the dress and Pippa's show stealing dress (stealing thunder springs to mind) but i couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful bouquet. Now along with the non-cooking from my part (i'm not gonna lie, the kitchen is still a stranger to me) but gardening/flowers just do not float my boat. Until now. 
Her bouquet was breath-takingly beautiful. An elegant fusion of Lily-Of The-Valley, Hyacinth, Sweet William (ahhh...) and Myrtle.
 Last week, i was invited to a friends wedding where again i couldn't help but notice the flower arrangements. They were full and luxurious and i just couldn't take my eyes off them. Think of them as the 'Pippa' of the wedding.....a wee bit show stealing. The Ladybird Florists were the masterminds behind these floral showpieces and i managed to track down there website where i found more incredible creations. If your getting married or maybe would just like to decorate your house/palace, then have a look: 

I have already pre-booked her for when Molly marries Wills & Kate's son. Well her mummy is a bit of a princess, so it only seems right!



Monday, 9 May 2011

I'm back with a muslin cloth and nappies everywhere......

 Well, it has been a while!!! In the last 3 months or so, i have given birth to a beautiful baby girl called Molly. I will spare you the gory details of labour but to make a long story short: it bloody killed!!

She was 2 weeks early, so came as a bit of a surprise, but 2 days after my baby shower! I reckon she just wanted to play and wear all her new lovely gifts!!

So my reasoning for not posting.....I have a 3 month old baby!  would love to be one of those people who get little sleep, look after their little one and still look gorgeous and organised, however this has not been me. I spent the first month living in my 'fat pants'!! Thankfully, things are getting easier and i am getting back to my old size....FINALLY!!!

So, now i am back, i will honestly try and find the time to keep posting and reviewing. If your pregnant and reading this, i hope you appreciate my honesty when it comes to babies. They are hard work but absolutely life-changing. Never known love like it.

TIP OF THE DAY: You can never have too many muslin cloths!!!!! 

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