Thursday, 26 May 2011

To diet or not to diet.......................

Well, it has been 3 1/2 months since little Molly brightened up my world and it was 2 weeks ago, I ditched the fat pants. I am absolutely no where near my pre-pregnancy weight, but I am seeing a little (and I mean little) light at the end of the tunnel. 
Before Molly, I was a bog standard size I am a size 11. I want to be a size 8 but right now, this really does seem like mission impossible. 
When I waved goodbye to pregnancy, I seemed to also wave goodbye to my metabolism. And so many mummy's will agree with me, unless you are one of the lucky few or you live in Hollywood.
It angers me so much, that there is so much pressure for woman to lose they're baby weight, when they're body has been through a massive ordeal. I sat there in front of the tv, watching E Entertainment (essential baby-feeding viewing) and watching Penelope Cruz rock up on the red carpet, 6 weeks after giving birth looking bloody gorgeous and slim. Now this was a couple of weeks after I had given birth and quite frankly those few weeks are a bit of a blur now, but I am pretty sure I sobbed whilst eating my rice cake and green tea!
Then up popped Miss Juicy, as she will be called, and has already shown her annoyance at me for not mentioning her in my post already. So anyway, up pops Miss Juicy with the amazing new diet called The Primal Diet....basically going back to caveman status! Lots of meat, veg, fruit, no carbs.....basically my idea of hell. I am sure I was Italian in my past life, I live for pasta, bread, cheese, all the things I will no longer be allowed!!
I did this religiously for a week. Scrambled egg for breakfast, salads for lunch, fish and veg for dinner. Feeling great, and starting to feel slim and Penelope Cruz-esque. Well, in my mind anyway.
But it quickly dawned on me, that having a young baby, and spending most of my day thinking about what I can or can't have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, trying to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner especially to suit my needs, while frantically trying to make up bottles, wade through my mountain of washing and ironing, play with my Molly Moo Moo's, keep the house clean and tidy was soon becoming a tad tiring. So yup, you guessed it....I have binned the Primal Diet! So I am back to square 1. Still a size 11 and looking for the perfect diet which entails eating bread and pasta and drinking wine. 

*Or if anyone would like to become my personal chef, I would be eternally grateful. I am of course, completely worth it....

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