Monday, 31 October 2011

Does she know who I am??

Well, I have survived a crazy, crazy week. Usually in my profession, half-term means a week off. Of course, I am now in the same league of parents who no longer have a half-term 'off' and that from now on, half-term is only going to get crazier and busier.

This half-term, however, meant work for me. And I mean, full on work! Teaching all day at a children's dance workshop and then straight to rehearsals for a show for another school and then at the end of work my normal teaching jobs. I literally didn't stop.

Now because I work in the evenings, I am lucky I get to spend all day with Molly. And driving off to work, means I get to put my music up a little louder and shout loudly at he who dares to cut me up.

But this week, I was out in the day, every day, and sometimes not home until 10.30/11pm. Come Wednesday, it's safe to say, I was definitely fighting back tears as I left the house. I missed her like crazy. My brief moments I had with her in the morning, i wondered.....Does she think I don't care about her anymore? Has she forgotten I am her mummy? Does she prefer Nanny looking after her instead? Completely tormenting myself, and feeling incredible guilt as I left her for another day.

Ok, so I know I am being silly but I think these are completely normal reactions. But is it almost impossible to get the right balance? i wasn't having 'me' time, I was having 'career' time, but either or, is it impossible to do either without feeling prangs of guilt?

I once read a quote "You can be a mum and have a career, or you can be a mum and have a social life. Never both". Really? I mean that's silly right? But I think if I had all 3, all I would do is feel guilt. Am I setting myself up for having a very clingy baby?

Answers on a postcard....

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bubble and Balm - Review

Ever since I found I was expecting with Molly, I get the constant urge to be cleaning. I'm like a kid at Christmas when I see the word 'antibacterial'. Not quite reached OCD status, however here's hoping!

To help me reach my OCD goal, Bubble & Balm sent me some fabulous antibacterial goodies.....never thought the words 'fabulous' and 'antibacterial' would be side by side in a sentence, but there they are, looking just lovely together. Totally getting off track here.

Bubble & Balm were one of the first companies in the UK to offer Fairtrade certified body products and the first 100% Fairtrade UK body care company. Not sure what Fairtrade is? Swot up here.

So HUGE brownie points for Bubble & Balm for using Fairtrade, but what else? Their products are created using natural plant based ingredients, so no nasty's and definitely no hurt animals in the process. Yippee.

The liquid soap is rich and gentle and without sounding like a Fairy liquid ad, left my hands so so soft. But the best bit? the fragrance wasn't overpowering. some soaps make it seem like you have sprayed your best ( Chanel no.5) all over your hands.

The hard soap comes in a lovely aluminum tin case and has lasted well, and not cracked at the first sign of use.

I also love the simplicity of the packaging and sometimes simplicity goes along way.

Thank you Bubble & Balm. I will be sending you my bill for OCD therapy sessions.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bloom - Review

OK...main factors to consider when choosing a highchair:

1. Practicability
2. Comfortableness

Factors to consider when I choose a highchair:

1. Style and will I gain extra 'cool-mum' points??

So after 30 mins of assembling the 'chosen one'...

et voila.

The Bloom Fresco. When God was giving out looks to highchairs, this was first in the queue. But, dear friends,  to my surprise, it's very practical. The Fresco has a crib, so you can lean the chair back for smaller babies, and then lift back up for an older baby. You can raise the seat, or lower, to keep in line with a dining table, AND its incredibly easy to clean. Easy to wipe, and no annoying little holes for crumbs to sit and hide and you can remove the seat pad to make sure there are no escapee crumbs too.

See not just a pretty face, huh?

BUT. Sorry there is a but. I couldn't put Molly in it straight away. She was 6 months and she looked so small and uncomfortable, that I had to wait. Molly was a small baby though but I still feel that it's best to wait until they can sit up properly.

Oh and just so you know, Kourtney Kardashian has one. That was enough for me.


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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Emma Levine - Review

Since becoming mama to Molly, one thing I have noticed is the growing competition between online children sites selling unique and incredibly stunning products. Targeted at mummies like me who always think 'only the best for my child' and a complete sucker for anything bright, funky and Boden-esque.

My new find is the gorgeous Emma Levine store, which I just need to share with you. If you are weak like me with a penchant for spending on your kids and run the risk of bringing up incredibly spoilt children, you may want to look away now. You're still looking aren't you......

Emma's inspiration comes from all things vintage. And if you take a look at the website, you will find nothing remotely tacky. In fact, I absolutely adore every single item. And the best bit: It's reasonably priced. YAY!

Molly was sent two fabulous outfits. A butterfly printed jersey t-shirt and legging combo and a romper with hat.

The jersey legging outfit (£29) is just adorable. In fact, I want one for me.

The romper is also equally as adorable, however the hat didn't fit Molly (yep mummy googling large baby head!) and also instead of where poppers are, they have used buttons. Classier, yes. Annoying, yes!!!!

Take a look at the outfits below, and my gorgeous Molly too. And then get exercising those fingers for some intense online shopping at Emma Levine.

*Only girls clothes sold, I'm afraid!!

Emma Levine also has a Facebook page. Take a look.

Friday, 30 September 2011

The Little Picture Company - Review

As a young girl, there was nothing I loved more than reading and looking at the pictures. There is something so magical when it comes to children's illustrations, especially as it allows them to use their natural imaginations. From enchanted forests, magical dragons and brave princesses to rocking horses and star-filled skies, it's these images which play a huge part in promoting active and healthy imaginations.
With this in mind, I wanted to find a picture for Molly's nursery with a traditional yet modern twist and to spark that wonderful imagination.

 I came across The Little Picture Company and was blown away by the beautiful and one-of-a-kind pictures. Every picture looks so fresh and unique, that it was exactly what I was looking for.

I was sent the Kensington Garden Owl canvas - a picture which was inspired by a story of Tawny Owls taking up residence in the Kensington Gardens in London serving as a confirmation that London is a vital heaven for wildlife. The picture is fun and friendly with great use of colour and looks wonderful in Molly's nursery. I am quite certain that it is a picture which will stay with her for a long time, allowing her to create all sorts of wonderful imaginative creations in that gorgeous mind of hers.

Kensington Garden Owl canvas - £65!/anitasx


Monday, 26 September 2011

Manhattan Toy - Review

Since Day 1 ( well almost, anyway) Molly has struggled with 'Tummy Time" - and yes, I do sing that to the tune of Hammer Time. Oh god, I'm an embarrassment already, poor girl! But anyway, 'Tummy Time' is not been her favourite past time.

Speaking to those wonderful guys over at Manhattan Toy HQ, they decided to send me the water mat, which helps promote and encourage playing on tummy.

The mat come deflated and you simply just fill up to the water line. The objects inside the mat start to float about in the water. As always, NEVER leave your little one alone with the mat.

Ok, so I would love to say after using the water mat, Molly loves 'Tummy Time' and is well on her way to crawling....but she isn't. And she still hates being on her tummy. However, she lasts a little longer now with the mat, which is great as it continuously strengthens those neck and little arm muscles.

I'm sure one day she will just 'get it' and I won't be doing tummy time with her when she is 25!

Do read my previous Manhattan Toy review here. Manhattan Toy produce FABULOUS toys for babies. Molly is completely fascinated by each toy - she never tires from exploring and playing with each toy, learning basic skills to assist her for the future. TEAM MANHATTAN TOY!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Little Linens - Review

Every once in a while, you stumble across something special. Whether that be a picture or a restaurant/shop. Well somehow I stumbled across this website: Little Linens.

Little Linens design and create stunning, timeless and hand finished linen clothing. The designs certainly have a sense of 'days gone by' but a little modern twist. And not only that but each garment is made using fine linen cloth, washed to remove shrinkage which will also make the the garment beautifully soft. favourite bit.... the buttons are mother-of-pearl, drilled from real sea shells. How gorgeous is that?!!

As a fan of all things nautical, it's only fitting that Molly had a little sailor girl dress. All she needs now is a straw hat, little ribbon in her hair (when she gets hair!!) and a yacht, which she can buy for her mummy and daddy when she becomes a doctor later on in life ;-)

Check out mummy's little sailor girl:

 Please excuse my deluxe PJ bottoms!!

Venice Sailor Dress  - SALE £15.00

The dress Molly is wearing is 3-6 months, which is her size, however this came up fairly big. So if ordering, do bear this in mind.

Please go and have a look at Little Linens - they even have a FAB sale on!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Silent Sunday - My First!

Sleeping Beauty


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Watch Me Think - genius!

Since becoming Mama Holly, I have literally been mesmerised and brainwashed into every baby shop/baby aisle/online shop with the thought of buying the best and only the very best for my little girl (and clearly molding her into becoming a very demanding princess - uh-oh!) but everything is so pweeety and shiny and, how can I resist?!
But along with all the fabulous, gleaming, 'we're considerably richeeerrr than you' products, unfortunately so are the 'what in the b'jesus was I thinking when I bought this' products. The market for baby products is incredibly huge, that as a first-time mother you automatically think that your darling little one NEEDS the overly priced singing and dancing swingy chair thing which makes sounds such as whales, birds, the womb, heartbeat and it also feeds your baby at night and sings them to sleep (ok, so the last two were a lie, but wouldn't that be GREAT!). It's not until you get it home, unboxed and searched high and low for those Duracell AA's to get the damned thing to work, that you realise it was completely not worth it!

Step into the spotlight:

Watch Me Think is a great new way to upload video's to demonstrate the downfalls of a certain product which would save a lot of time and effort for mere mortals like me. Or even if you have a found a different use for a product, but not only that, a way to say to the online world 'I LOVE THIS!'.

And if your anything like me and fairly driven by the dollar, then the good news is: You get paid! 4x a year, into Paypal account and 'Thinkers' get 50% share of the profit. The catch? There is no real catch as such, however you do need to upload a vid with a product that you feel could be a little more 'worked on' or have a wonderful new idea in ways to better the product, and if that brand 'wahoo' your idea....then you can shout 'show me the money'!

Now no one go stealing my night-feeding, lullaby singing chair idea....I predict big things with this!

For more info:
Twitter: @watchmethink
Facebook:Watch Me Think


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Baby Sensory Nappy Balm - Review

Baby Sensory is a fantastic company with some gorgeous products, however their Nappy Balm Cleanse & Protect really should be in the spotlight. Baby Sensory sent me a tub to try on Molly and it couldn't of come at a better time!

Molly has 2 new teeth, so you know what that means right? Begins with 'T' and ends in 'eething'. Yup, teething is an absolute pain in the backside. And that's just for us, think about the pain the little pickles must be in. I have been pretty blessed when it comes to nappy rashes, Molly hasn't really suffered. But boy did I get a shock one morning, when I got a very grumpy and rosy-cheeked baby out of her cot and changed her nappy. Bright red and looked blistered. On close inspection, they weren't blisters but it was so sore that certain areas looked worse than the rest.

Me being me...I panicked! Good old mum had a look and confirmed ' a normal nappy rash'. Wowsers, it looked so severe, and every time I went near the area Molly got very upset. So perfect opportunity to review a nappy balm right?! right!
I caked on the silky smooth balm ( it's not thick and gooey, unlike some nappy creams) and I loved that it was odorless and clear in colour. I used it at every nappy change and I kid you not, the rash was a lot less angry looking the next day!
I was genuinely very surprised as I thought it might take a few days, but voila bye bye nappy rash and hello happy Molly and Mummy!!

There are 5 key ingredients:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil - Moisturises the skin and provides a protective barrier that resists infection
  • Castor Oil - Cleans and softens broken or rough skin and improves acne
  • Olive Oil - Promotes elasticity and disrupts the harmful effects of environmental pollutants that damage the skin
  • Cocoa Butter - Acts as an antiseptic agent to protect skin from eczema and rashes
  • Beeswax - has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, skin-softening and elasticity enhancing properties. The beeswax is harvested in Perthshire, Scotland.
The one downside to the product is the packaging. If I saw this in a shop, I would not be drawn to it at all, which is a shame as it really is a fab product. So if your little one has a bad nappy rash, please go to Baby Sensory to purchase for £5.99!


Monday, 29 August 2011

Peekaboo Comp - WINNER


Well done, you have won yourself a gorgeous Peekaboo Sock Pet called Dreamy.

Dreamy will be with you shortly.

There will be more competitions soon, so do keep following!

Thank you to all who entered and good luck for next time.

That's all folks!


Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello, It's me again......

So it looks like I got caught up in the whirlwind of reviewing and forgot to do what I love best: talking utter crap.
So what's happened in my glorious world? Well, I have gone and lost ALL my baby weight and some....I am now 8 stone. Yes really! Alright, alright not quite. 9 stone 3. I have been reunited with my cheekbones and bid a fond farewell to two of my chins. Just left with the 1 now. Phew!

Unfortunately in the last week, I may have been reacquainted with maybe a couple of pounds though. It's been BBQ after BBQ and meals out. Why? ITS MY BIRTHDAY. Well it was. Yes your late with the present. Just pop it in the post and all will be forgiven.

I am not old, far from it, but er, when did i become 28? I am officially in my late twenties. I'm far too immature to be seen as a proper 'grown up' now. But I had a lovely birthday and even managed a night with the besties. But being the sensible mummy I am now, I ended up drinking water for the latter part of the evening - meet my new phobia 'Hungover Mum'. I .. just... can't... do... it. I am very well known for having epic hangovers, in bed all day, throwing up every drop of vodka and Subway consumed the night before. Miss Cox has seen this on far too many occasions. But I just cannot do it anymore. The thought of getting up at 7 to feed Molly (bottle, don't worry!) is enough to turn anyone from drink!

Speaking of Molly, she is now 6 months old! WOW! Where the hell did that go? She is absolutely adorable (no I am not just biased, she actually is!) and is definitely showing her personality. She may look like her daddy, but she has all my traits. She jumps out of her skin at the tiniest of noises, I am a huge scaredy cat, she is a little bit of a diva....likes to be walked around, won't open her mouth if she decides she doesn't like what I am feeding her, and likes to scream at the top of her voice....and I mean unbelievable howling, in M&S Cafe. To the point where I have to make a swift exit, I cannot bear the looks of all the other customers who have nothing better to do than scowl at parents with crying babies. GOD FORBID!

She also has her 2 bottom teeth now. So, so cute. This where I am glad I am not breastfeeding.
She likes to bounce, a lot. She's attempting to sit up on her own, but still looking a lot like a Weeble, and she blows raspberry's at me. Cheeky girl!

So, it's all going on. I bet your all thinking 'stick to the reviews' right? I actually feel like I have just therapy, getting that all off my chest. I also feel that Molly is stealing a little bit of mummy's limelight, so here is mummy on her 28th birthday night out:

Oh, alright. Here is Molly too...

She actually makes my heart melt.

So long my faithfuls.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Prince Lionheart bebePod - Review

So we have all heard of the Bumbo.....but just like (in my eyes) Pink is the new Black....or like Protein are the new Carbs, the bebePod by Prince Lionheart is definitely the new Bumbo, and BETTER!

So, say hello to my little fwend:

I think we can all agree that the design is fab. Funky, unique and I love the white 'resting' pod in the middle. Perfect to pop naughty little fingers on instead of going in her mouth and then getting her food everywhere - mummy is struggling with the whole messy food time!

I don't really want to be comparing this to the Bumbo, but it's hard not to when they are similar products and similar design. I found the bebePod to be softer and much squidgier, I am not sure if it actually is but it seems deeper, as Molly sits more comfortably in the bebePod, I found in the Bumbo she slumped to the side. I also find that when I get her out of the bebePod, she slides out easily, I was always have to deal with stuck bottom in the Bumbo.

Weaning Molly, this has been such a godsend. She is comfortable, and also for extra security, you strap it onto a chair, although of course I recommend staying with baby AT ALL TIMES!

TEAM bebePod!!

Please check out Prince Lionheart's other products. They are such a diamond company. All the elements of a family-run, fully established company, but at the forefront of innovative and modern designs. Their website has even made it's way onto my Favourite that is something!!


Monday, 8 August 2011

Peekaboo Review and Giveaway!

Peekaboo is an online shop like no other. Their gifts are unique, fresh and funky. and their products stand out a mile.

What are they?

The founder created the most gorgeous gifts called Peekaboo Pets and Sock Dolls. Each pet is made with their own unique and individual character with the clever use of textiles and stitches. What I love about them is that they are bright and would definitely capture a child's eye.
I have to include their mission statement which is found on their website as it so beautifully put and completely sums up Peekaboo:
"We believe that children should feel special and unique - and purely for this reason we have created Peekaboo Pets and created a poem for each Peekaboo Pet, which can include any child's name".

Everything about Peekaboo is so personal and I feel there is something very special about toys which are made with such great care and detail - something to treasure forever.
Here are some of my favourite Peekaboo Pets and Sock Dolls:



There are so so many to choose from, please go and have a look at their website: Peekaboo

Now, the lovely lovelies at Peekaboo have decided to give one of my fave Peekaboo Sock Dolls to you, my fabulous readers.

For the chance to win this gorgeous Sock Doll Cat

All you need to do is:

  • Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
  • Follow me on twitter and tweet 'I'm following @DollysDayDreams to win @peekaboo2006 sock cat' with link to comp
  • Follow me on Facebook and write on wall ' I want to win Peekaboo sock cat'.
  • Most importantly, comment below with a name for the cat
Competition closes on the 29th August at 7pm......GOOD LUCK

Fancy increasing your chances of winning? Head on over to Peekaboo's very own blog here, and enter to win Lola, a beautiful Peekaboo Pet!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Maxi-Cosi Elea - Review!

When I had Molly, I bought the Maxi-Cosi car seat. I thought it was a brand that could be trusted plus it looked very comfy. Molly loves it, and 9 times out of 10 she is asleep in it - I do get slight baby envy, as I would LOVE to be carried around in a seat, that I could just have a little snooze in. These babies just don't know their born. Actually they don't!

Aaaaanyway. I was pretty chuffed when those dear old Maxi-Cosi people asked if I could review a pushchair. Couple of weeks later, a huge box arrived on my doorstop. The Elea had landed.

I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to new, shiny things that need piecing together, these hands were not made for DIY jobbies. BUT. A BIG BIG BUT......I cannot get over how easy the Elea is to use and and quick to get to grips with.

All it takes is a simple push of a red button.

So the base of the pushchair goes from this:

To this:

Literally by holding the handle bar, as soon as the red button is released, giving a slight pull, the base is pulled out into the correct position.
For the first week or so, we used the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat with the base as Molly was still small. To use the car seat, there are two adapters which slot into the side of the base. The car seat is then slotted on top. *You can face the car seat towards you or the outside.

As you can see, the tray underneath has loads of room for storage too!!

More recently, we have been using the pushchair for Molly. She's a nosy little cupcake and loves having a nose at whats going on around her, just like her wonderful mummy!

Again, the pushchair seat is incredibly easy to fit on. Literally slot it onto the base, easy peasy. The adapters are not needed for the pushchair chair.

The pushchair chair slotting onto the slots on base

There is also a safety bar which goes across, which I pop some of her buggy toys on:

And for the winter months, a very cosy 'cosy-toes'.

Molly looks so comfy in her pushchair, and I genuinely think it is a great product. It folds up very easily, and fits into my boot with ease. My other pushchair literally had Range Rover wheels, which I had to take off every time it went back into the boot!
You also have the option of tilting the chair back and forwards depending on if they are awake or snoozing, just a simple lever situated at the back of the chair.


Big thank you to Dorel Ltd and Maxi-Cosi for selecting me to review the Elea.

Thumbs up from me and the little one.
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