Thursday, 9 October 2014

Prepare your children for the clock change

We've packed away the flip flops, the little dresses have been put yo back of the wardrobe. My dear friends, Summer is over. Or it most definitely is on the 26th October when the clocks go back.
Most people hate this time of year, dark by 5 and feeling chilly. I, however, love it! I love Autumn and the feel of winter creeping in. But I do have to say, since having Molly, I have noticed that I dread clock change. 
Her body clock takes ages to adjust and we have a good few weeks of her waking up at ridonkulous times! 
Our good friends at In the Night Garden, have come up with some great tips and are holding a web discussion on the 10th October which will be live and they will be answering your questions. 

 Mandy Gurney, sleep expert and founder of a children’s sleep clinic will be offering her advice on how to adapt your child’s routine to cope with an extra hour in bed. From practical things about how to ease them with wind down time to the importance of establishing bedtime routines so that there are as little disruptions possible so they don’t get ratty.
The reason why they are doing it 2 weeks before the clocks go back is that is how long sleep experts recommend it takes to adjust a child’s routine, In the Night Garden is behind this as they’ve conducted some research showing parents notice their children being affected by the clocks going back.

The show will be live and interactive so people can send in any questions they might have in advance of the show going live, and also during the show.
To watch the show live and/or submit a question, click on this link

 Show date: 10th October 2014 
 Show time: 3pm  




Thursday, 14 August 2014

Collins Back To School books - review

As Molly is only 3, school seems like a way off yet, but it's just around the corner...
I'm becoming more & more conscience of preparing her and getting her reading and writing up and running.
We've been so fortunate to receive a great bundle of pre-school books to help and guide Molly through the beginnings of her education.
What I was most surprised about was the variety of books available. And there sure is nothing better than the smell of new books.... Just very exciting!

Here's what we were sent;

I think the most reassuring thing is the trust in the brand. I remember my first Collins school dictionary, it's a name we all know and rely on  and Collins certainly covers it all.

Have a look at my video review:

And YOU get to join in on the fun too...

Collins are offering parents the chance to get 30% off their range of Back to School books until 30 September 2014. Simply use promo code SCHOOLBAG30 at

AND... Parents can enter a competition to win one of 50 bundles of books for their child in a Collins branded school bag at

Who knew learning could be so exciting!


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Kate & Mim-Mim - CBEEBIES review!

Molly & I have been really lucky to have been asked to watch and review a BRAND-NEW childrens programme Kate & Mim-Mim which will start airing on CBEEBIES on 4th August at 5.30pm.

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So, Molly and I sat down and watched the first episode, 'Rip Roaring Race'. But first let me explain about Kate & Mim-Mim;
It's the creation of Scott & Julie Stewart who were inspired by their children and toy bunny, Mim-Mim!
It tells the story of feisty five-year-old Kate and her BIG imagination. Whenever Kate faces a problem or something stirs her curiosity, she and her favourite toy bunny Mim-Mim twirl off to the fantasy world of Mimiloo, where Mim-Mim transforms into a larger-than-life playmate! 
There are lots of different characters based in Mimiloo, which all add to the fun of the programme.

Episode 1: Rip Roaring Race

Kate and Dad are building go-karts to race on their homemade track. In Mimiloo, Kate, Mim-Mim and all their friends race their own cars in the Rip Roaring Race at the Rumbly Race Track. In everyone's haste to win, Mim-Mim is the only one who tested his car beforehand. Lucky for his friends, Mim-Mim added some special parts!

Episode 2: The Need for Seed

Kate doesn't understand why her flower is so much smaller than Mum's. In Mimiloo, Kate and Mim-Mim help their friends catch a surprise sapling seed-a speedy seed that sprouts in the most surprising way! The wiggly seed leads them on a wild underground pursuit in search of its ideal place to grow. But will it be worth the chase?

So what did we think?

As soon as it started, all I noticed was how bright and colourful it was. Lots of vibrant colours which catch your attention instantly. First impressions (especially with children) are vital! The episode was fast-paced and didn't drag. Sometimes, not naming any names, some programmes are literally 5-10 minutes too long and you've completely lost the attention of your viewer!
Molly was hooked from start to finish. As soon as it ended she wanted to watch more, and we will need to wait like everybody else.

As a parent, it explored important themes like friendship, problem solving and adventure but it allows children to use their imagination and work together. 

It also helped that not only did we get to watch the first episode before anyone, we get some major cute Mim-Mim bunny ears. And something for mummy; NERD sweets - my all-time fave!! 

We cannot wait to watch all next week especially episode 2 on Tuesday 5th August! 
Make sure you watch and let me know what you think...

To follow Kate & Mim-Mim, LIKE their Facebook page;


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I heart Aspinal of London

Once in a blue moon, I become slightly obsessed with something in piticular. Here's to name a few:
1. Spice Girls
2. Clueless
3. Titanic - this loosely connected to Leo
4. Mince Pies
5. Aspinal of London

If you haven't heard of Aspinal of London, then sorry, who are you?!
Aspinal in my eyes represents quintessential Britishness. Seen on the likes of Duchess of Cornwall, Fearne Cotton and Holly Driscoll - ;-)

My love affair started off with the Zip Wallet, then progressed to a pouch, then iphone 5 cover but my main dream is still just out of my reach.. 

The Marylebone Bag. Swoon.

It will be mine. It's this seasons 'it' bag. Fancy a look?

Isn't she pwetty? £595. Currently out of stock. I dislike everybody that owns this bag.

But their entire seasons collection is to die for:

I've just been reading about the AW14 collection. It's based on childhood farytales from snow queens to enchanted forests and inspired by Narnia. Excited much? YEESS! 

My other half knows it's my dream to own one of these bags, so if I keep on, then he will either cave in or leave me.

Then maybe someone will feel sorry for me and buy me one?


Monday, 30 June 2014

We've gone completely OINKERS....

So unless you have been off the planet for 10 years, I'm pretty sure you will have heard of a little pink pig called...PEPPA.
Thats right, Peppa Pig. Kids everywhere (and parents, lets face it) are Peppa Pig crazy and can you believe Nick Jr are celebrating Peppa's 10th birthday.

Children over the country were able to take part in the Oinkestra - where they could upload their very own 'oinks' and appear on Nick Jr! Unfortunately, due to little holiday, we missed out on the Oinkestra, but we get to still join in on the celebrations.

Little Peppa & George fans can get to watch their top 20 Peppa Pig episodes, as voted by viewers. I think our fave is the episode where Mrs Rabbit has baby twins - wonder if it made the cut?!
So tune in on the 5-6th July 10.30-5pm to see if your favourite episode will be showing.

Our friends at Nick Jr have made sure Molly and I get to join in on the party - we were sent a FABULOUS gift pack which included;
Peppa Pig Party Set (cups, napkins, plates)
Peppa instruments
Some arts and crafts to make Peppa Pig noses!

Take a look at all the fun we have had....

Molly has had so so much fun with all of this, that we wouldn't want to leave out our lovely readers..

So.. we have x3 Nick Jr goodie bags to give away. All you need to do is follow this blog, follow moi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and retweet or share this post.

The winner will be announced on Sunday 6th July at 10pm.

In the meantime, get oinking!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mane 'n' Tail - Shampoo & Conditioner

So, browsing through Google, searching desperately I may add, for products which are going to make my hair thick, gorgeous and a lot like Denise Richards (google!) 
My hair used to be thick and gorgeous but after years of hair splitting, dying, straightening and baby, my hair is more like Elton John than Denise. I noticed SO many reviews on Mane 'n' Tail shampoo and conditioner.... Why, that sounds like a horse product, I hear you cry. And that's because it is!! But as the official hair product of The Ellen Show, then I had to try it....
I was a bit nervous before trying it. Worried I may start developing hoofs and nay-ing everywhere but once I had washed my hair, I realised I was still me. The smell is like any other normal hair product smell, but not too overpowering. 
The consistency is quite thick though and so I only used a really small amount.

Once blow-dried, I instantly noticed a difference. Ok, not Denise Richards difference but definitely thicker... 
My one gripe is, my hair didn't feel silky smooth but quite course. I'm guessing that's the thickening part for you. I also after a few times of using, had a product build up issue. I'm not sure if this is related but just a factor you may want to be aware of.
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