Sunday, 2 October 2016

Did someone say..CHRISTMAS?!

Did I just mention the 'C' word in October? I will say it again but very quietly and very, very quickly:


You know you are getting old when you start saying things like "it gets earlier every year"

Friday, 9 September 2016

Molly got to be a pop star for the day - An invited review.

Imagine being 5 years old and being told that you will be having a singing lesson with the teacher to the stars, CeCe Sammy AND having a try with the new Vtech Kidi Superstar microphone.


We were invited to London to Jet Studios where we met by the lovely Vtech team and introduced to CeCe, who was just perfect with the kids!
The children were shown their microphones and had a little time getting used to it, working out what buttons did what etc..

Then CeCe begun the singing lesson. She taught the children lots of different warming up exercises and then they managed to have a go using the microphone. It was pretty noisy (as you can imagine), so in all honesty it was hard to hear all the different features, for example; the robot. This converts your voice into a robot plus many other features too.

They then split up into 2 groups: fast or slow. Molly chose slow and was given the song 'Let It Go' to sing. Its not a very well-known song......of course, I'm kidding! Anyway, this meant that they got to sing out to their hearts content which they clearly all enjoyed very much.

It truly was a great day and was made even better by Molly taking home a Kidi Superstar Microphone to enjoy at home. I must admit that we managed to understand it a little more in the comfort of our home and we most certainly have a budding Taylor Swift on our hands.

A more detailed product review will follow soon.

Thank you Vtech for such an excellent day out and for absolutely guaranteeing zero peace and quiet in the house now!

Press Release:
With the X‐Factor season in full swing encouraging people all over the nation to test out their singing skills, VTech has teamed up with vocal coach to the stars, CeCe Sammy, to launch Kidi Super Star, a unique karaoke microphone and stand for all budding young singers.Best known for her work on Pop Idol and The Voice among others, CeCe has a long list of celebrity clients who have turned to her for her expert coaching including Leona Lewis, Charlotte Church, and Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays. Now she is willing to share her sought after advice to help youngsters benefit and enjoy singing even more.
VTech’s new Kidi Super Star karaoke microphone and stand uses innovative technology to reduce the vocals on any song. Whether you’re plugging in a mobile phone to access YouTube or Spotify or an MP3 with your own music library, the Kidi Super Star will reduce vocals to allow children be the star of the show. 
With a glowing light which changes colour for a magical atmosphere and unique microphone effects, children can record up to four minutes of a song allowing them to create individual versions of their favourite tracks. If that wasn’t enough, there are also six fun games to play.  
 The Kidi Super Star is the perfect toy for those 6+ who love to sing and is available from the VTechwebsite and all good toy stores nationwide with an RRP of £49.99


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ayra Rose - A review.

Ayra Rose is a new online clothing range which stocks the cutest but also beautifully stylish clothes for young children.
The clothes are custom designed, so you can be quite certain that your fashionista is wearing a completely unique style. From gorgeous rompers to beautiful denim dresses, I've even seen a cute black and white stripe 'twinning' outfit. Thats right, mum and daughter set - I LOVE a little twinning moment.

We were sent some lovely items for M and J. Take a look:

J's outfit is absolutely adorable. It looked incredibly comfortable and perfect for warm, sunny days. I was really surprised at the quality of the material. Where the clothes are not from a well-known high street brand, there is the risk about quality but J's body vest and harem trousers were soft and passed my 'hand' of the fabric test - which literally means how it feels when touched. The fabric is thick (ever noticed how Primark clothing is VERY thin!) and smooth which needs to be when you have a toddler who is into everything!

M was sent a gorgeous necklace which she instantly fell in love with, in fact, she hasn't taken it off.

The colours are bright and highly complimentary of most outfits. I'm not sure of the exact materials used but has a 'rubber' feel which M loved. She says it felt soft on her skin and not too heavy either.

Have a look at some of the other gorgeous items for sale at Arya Rose:

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