Sunday, 2 October 2016

Did someone say..CHRISTMAS?!

Did I just mention the 'C' word in October? I will say it again but very quietly and very, very quickly:


You know you are getting old when you start saying things like "it gets earlier every year"
or using Saint Nick as form of bribery. However, the latter is a powerful weapon of choice and works EVERY time in the hour of need!
But, I am going to give you some useful advice with regards to a potential present that will go down very well and most certainly will not be a 5 minute wonder:

Molly was so lucky to have been invited to this event but coming home, she has not stopped playing with it. Every guest we have over for a playdate is instantly drawn to the mic!
This new karaoke microphone uses new technology to reduce the vocals on any song, so when you plug in your mobile phone to access YouTube, Spotify or a song from your own music library, the Kidi Super Star microphone will reduce the vocals and allow the child’s voice to come through. I love the light ball which flashes various colours (this is perfect for a 'home show!)'.There are games etc to play also - HOURS OF FUN!

I have a gripe though. A small gripe, not a biggie but nevertheless, a gripe: different colours should be available. Pink and purple isn't just a girls colour but it would be a great idea to have something more appealing for the boys. My nephew was glued to this after a playdate but said he didn't want it on his list as its pink!

I do believe the Kidi Superstar is in the top 10 toys for Christmas, but please trust me when I say " Its a good buy!". Worth every penny!

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