Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Peppa Pig World @ Paultons Park

I have always been lucky to live so close to Paultons Park - my Nan and Granddad used to take me and my sisters there all the time when we were younger, but I distinctly remember getting really bored of it. Nothing had been updated for years and just looked really old and out of date.

Roll on 20 years or so (jeez, kill me now, I AM OLD!) and Paultons Park has had a HUGE revamp, with lots of new rides and play areas and now Peppa Pig World, and who doesn't love Peppa Pig!

Well, Molly for one, is obsessed. Except she likes to call it Peppa Duck! So to see her little face where she could see lots of gorgeous pastel colours and the famous Peppa theme tune in the near distance was one to treasure.

We went on lots of the rides, although some of the queues were horrendous, so we steered clear. But Molly loved the little boat ride and car ride, all rides are perfectly suitable for her age.

There are lots of places to eat, so we grabbed lunch back in Paultons Park. I do have to say, the burger I bought was pretty grim looking, so I left that.

And of course, I couldn't resist the gift shop. Its pretty hard to resist....especially if you are a shopaholic like me! So Molly is now the owner of a lovely Princess Peppa toy, Peppa book and some cute hair clips - which she hates!

If your child loves Peppa Pig, or even theme parks, you must go!!!

Paultons Park
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