Thursday, 9 October 2014

Prepare your children for the clock change

We've packed away the flip flops, the little dresses have been put yo back of the wardrobe. My dear friends, Summer is over. Or it most definitely is on the 26th October when the clocks go back.
Most people hate this time of year, dark by 5 and feeling chilly. I, however, love it! I love Autumn and the feel of winter creeping in. But I do have to say, since having Molly, I have noticed that I dread clock change. 
Her body clock takes ages to adjust and we have a good few weeks of her waking up at ridonkulous times! 
Our good friends at In the Night Garden, have come up with some great tips and are holding a web discussion on the 10th October which will be live and they will be answering your questions. 

 Mandy Gurney, sleep expert and founder of a children’s sleep clinic will be offering her advice on how to adapt your child’s routine to cope with an extra hour in bed. From practical things about how to ease them with wind down time to the importance of establishing bedtime routines so that there are as little disruptions possible so they don’t get ratty.
The reason why they are doing it 2 weeks before the clocks go back is that is how long sleep experts recommend it takes to adjust a child’s routine, In the Night Garden is behind this as they’ve conducted some research showing parents notice their children being affected by the clocks going back.

The show will be live and interactive so people can send in any questions they might have in advance of the show going live, and also during the show.
To watch the show live and/or submit a question, click on this link

 Show date: 10th October 2014 
 Show time: 3pm  



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