Sunday, 23 August 2015

A place in the sun

Boy, oh, boy. Do I have the holiday blues or what!
My lovely family and I, have just returned from a week away in sunny Majorca. It was the typical holiday: Sun, Sea and um, Sangria. Actually, it was Estrella.

However, we stayed in a gorgeous place called Puerto Pollensa and our apartment was quite literally, on the beach! So, we would wake up (pretty late for us as they have shutters, so you think it's midnight, when in fact it's morning!) pop out onto the balcony with coffee in hand and watch the sea and life just breeze by.

Molly, is a water baby and just lived for the beach. She couldn't get enough. Jack, being a little bit younger, probably didn't appreciate the heat as much but did he really complain? Never! 

But what was really lovely, is that even though it's a highly popular tourist destination - there is not one (well, not that I came across) English restaurant, no awful Brits abroad and the locals were just great.
Ok, so I know that sounded snobby but I don't want to feel like I've travelled hundreds of miles to holiday in a hotter version of the UK. 

We've decided we will be going back and have started looking already. 
So, tonight, I have the holiday blues. But as of tomorrow, I need to focus on the big MOVE*......

*Coming soon to a blog post 


Friday, 14 August 2015

NEW Radox Creamy Range

OOver at Dolly's and Daydreams headquarters (bedroom!), I'm a bit of a shower obsessive. Literally.

I LOVE being in the shower. And love it scorching hot... Could spend hours in there. However, I'd rather not resemble a burnt prune and I'm pretty sure my children would destroy my house/cover themselves in glue/generally everything they shouldn't do, if I did.
So being sent these divine Radox shower gels, has made that 'quick, in-and-out' shower all the more harder.
First off, let's talk scent. So, I have 'Rejuvenated with orange oil and vitamin E' and 'Pampered with Shea butter and ginger'.
The orange oil: smell SO delicious that I literally could eat it. Don't worry, I won't. And what I would call, a perfect summer scent.
Shea Butter: This has a little more depth to it and probably one I would look to using when the days get shorter and it gets a little colder outside. A bit more luxurious.

There are also two more scents within the range:
- Romantic with Orchid and Blueberry
- Calm with Jojoba Oil and Chamomile

One to suit every mood.

For me, orange oil was my absolute fave. Such a refreshing smell, and I felt like I was on holiday!
The creaminess is perfect as its not too thick but still moisturises enough. 
If you can't find me... I'll be in the shower!


Monday, 10 August 2015

Cream teas, fish & chips and sea air.

ISo we've just got back from our week away to Devon - Saunton to be precise.

This is the 3rd summer we have come here and stayed in our fave little resort by the sea; Saunton Sands Hotel.
Why do we keep going back? Well, the view for a start. If you're lucky enough to get a sea view room, then its worth every penny. Waking up to this is just INCREDIBLE.

If you have children, then this place is where you should be headed. Like most hotels, especially in peak season, there is entertainment for the children. Most evenings there are clowns, magic shows, Take That tribute much. The children even get to attend workshops in the day, so that they can take part in the shows in the evening. 
But not only that, they have a kids playroom with activities ALL day. From picking the children up in the morning to take them for pancake breakfasts, to beach hunts, to pizza making and even a movie night in PJ's until 10.30pm. The kids didn't even come up for air...which meant James and I had some ACTUAL, REAL LIFE time together. Y'know, where we had to actually talk to each other. Like a proper conversation!

I do feel for what you pay, the rooms could be a little more up to date - the lounge and lobby are really lovely but the rooms still have a little old-fashioned feel to it (not awful) but this is not a cheap hotel, and I do feel the rooms do not reflect this!

Aside from the crazy kids schedule, we managed to sneak in fish and chips at our fave place, Squires, and the kids managed to do some pottery painting on a crap weather day and I even managed to have an evening where I drank not 1 but 4 mojito's. Any mum to young children would understand that drinking is just not high on my list. Not because I'm sensible, but more to do with the 'morning after' fuzzy head and voming, ha!
4 mojito's and I felt rough as a badgers arse!

I do love my crazy little family and having some quality time away with them was just what I needed!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Gorgeous Little George.

Once upon a time ago, I came upon a lovely little website called 'Gorgeous Little George' and what seriously, gorgeous clothes they have!
Jack (gorgeous Jack!) let mummy use him as a model, so he could show off this amazing tee:

Ok, so Jack is not the easiest of models to work with. Asking a baby to sit perfectly straight so mummy can see what the writing says, is not an easy task. But, seriously, look at his cute, chubby little face!


And doesn't he look proud. 

If you get the chance to have look at some of their other tees and things, please do. Plus the t-shirt is from American Apparel, so the quality is great.

Jack had so many people coming up to him at the hotel and asking what it said on his tee and then they asked about my blog, so great publicity too. 


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Does it really matter?

It happened again.

Random stranger: Ah, he is gorgeous and SO big. Hope labour wasn't too hard for you with this one?
Me: It wasn't easy, but ended up with emergency c-sec again.
Stranger: Oh really? I'm sorry to hear that.

Breathe, Holly. Do not give lady evil death stare. Walk away.
How many of you has this happened to? I don't get it. There is no law to say that natural birth is the holy grail of labour. Who the hell cares? Who cares if you took a months worth of drugs in the space of 24 hours just to numb the excruciating pain. Who cares if you told your partner you hated him and to feck off for what he has done to you.
What really matters? That gorgeous baby that is happily smiling back at you right now because he is being fed his favourite yoghurt.
My babies will not feel let down because they were born by a c-sec. 

Ladies, labour and raising babies is a tough enough job as it is. Less of the patronising or condescending tone. 

We're in this together right? 


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saunton Sands|| Family time.

The time has finally arrived for our family vacay. This has been a long time coming. Those with children at school or preschool, know that the end of term is literally a C-R-AZY time. School trips, end of term parties, picnics, parent watching week, open days... The list is endless. 

So.... We have come to our fave place :

If you've never been here, then seriously think about it. The hotel is located on the beach, the place is a great mix of elegance but still very child friendly. 
I'm not one for shipping kids off all holiday for kids club, I think it's important to spend time together, BUT saying that, the girls love the kids club. It really is amazing. Pancake breakfast club, beach trips, pyjama movie night. I want to go.

Today, my wait is finally over. For the thing I've been waiting for since April (the last time we came).

FISH AND CHIPS! - seriously the best F&C you'll ever have.

Anyway, I'm off for some breakfast and then beach time. Ta-ra x

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