Friday, 14 August 2015

NEW Radox Creamy Range

OOver at Dolly's and Daydreams headquarters (bedroom!), I'm a bit of a shower obsessive. Literally.

I LOVE being in the shower. And love it scorching hot... Could spend hours in there. However, I'd rather not resemble a burnt prune and I'm pretty sure my children would destroy my house/cover themselves in glue/generally everything they shouldn't do, if I did.
So being sent these divine Radox shower gels, has made that 'quick, in-and-out' shower all the more harder.
First off, let's talk scent. So, I have 'Rejuvenated with orange oil and vitamin E' and 'Pampered with Shea butter and ginger'.
The orange oil: smell SO delicious that I literally could eat it. Don't worry, I won't. And what I would call, a perfect summer scent.
Shea Butter: This has a little more depth to it and probably one I would look to using when the days get shorter and it gets a little colder outside. A bit more luxurious.

There are also two more scents within the range:
- Romantic with Orchid and Blueberry
- Calm with Jojoba Oil and Chamomile

One to suit every mood.

For me, orange oil was my absolute fave. Such a refreshing smell, and I felt like I was on holiday!
The creaminess is perfect as its not too thick but still moisturises enough. 
If you can't find me... I'll be in the shower!

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