Sunday, 23 August 2015

A place in the sun

Boy, oh, boy. Do I have the holiday blues or what!
My lovely family and I, have just returned from a week away in sunny Majorca. It was the typical holiday: Sun, Sea and um, Sangria. Actually, it was Estrella.

However, we stayed in a gorgeous place called Puerto Pollensa and our apartment was quite literally, on the beach! So, we would wake up (pretty late for us as they have shutters, so you think it's midnight, when in fact it's morning!) pop out onto the balcony with coffee in hand and watch the sea and life just breeze by.

Molly, is a water baby and just lived for the beach. She couldn't get enough. Jack, being a little bit younger, probably didn't appreciate the heat as much but did he really complain? Never! 

But what was really lovely, is that even though it's a highly popular tourist destination - there is not one (well, not that I came across) English restaurant, no awful Brits abroad and the locals were just great.
Ok, so I know that sounded snobby but I don't want to feel like I've travelled hundreds of miles to holiday in a hotter version of the UK. 

We've decided we will be going back and have started looking already. 
So, tonight, I have the holiday blues. But as of tomorrow, I need to focus on the big MOVE*......

*Coming soon to a blog post 

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