Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I heart Aspinal of London

Once in a blue moon, I become slightly obsessed with something in piticular. Here's to name a few:
1. Spice Girls
2. Clueless
3. Titanic - this loosely connected to Leo
4. Mince Pies
5. Aspinal of London

If you haven't heard of Aspinal of London, then sorry, who are you?!
Aspinal in my eyes represents quintessential Britishness. Seen on the likes of Duchess of Cornwall, Fearne Cotton and Holly Driscoll - ;-)

My love affair started off with the Zip Wallet, then progressed to a pouch, then iphone 5 cover but my main dream is still just out of my reach.. 

The Marylebone Bag. Swoon.

It will be mine. It's this seasons 'it' bag. Fancy a look?

Isn't she pwetty? £595. Currently out of stock. I dislike everybody that owns this bag.

But their entire seasons collection is to die for:

I've just been reading about the AW14 collection. It's based on childhood farytales from snow queens to enchanted forests and inspired by Narnia. Excited much? YEESS! 

My other half knows it's my dream to own one of these bags, so if I keep on, then he will either cave in or leave me.

Then maybe someone will feel sorry for me and buy me one?

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