Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beauty and the Bib - Review

Beauty and the Bib really is a fairytale business story come true. Started up as a small Greenwich Market stall in 2004, Lara (the founder) was snapped up by the likes of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Daisy & Tom. The product? Beautiful but practical bibs! Simple, yet actually really hard to find!
The bibs are really soft and absorbent, yet fun and incredibly cute. Molly suffers with reflux, so sick is an issue after every milk feed, so the fact the bibs cover most of her body saves me having to change her every me this was the case a little while back!!

Beauty and the Bib geneorously sent me two beautiful bibs to try on Molly. Both came in a gorgeous organza bag each, which will come in handy when traveling.

The first one is a star shape bib with busy bees on. I used this for Molly's lunch feed, which as we know, is incredibly messy. Down her face, hands, on her clothes, even on my sofa...ARGGGH! But the bib caught it all, very impressive and I must say it's a must just for the cute factor!

Another fab thing about both bibs, is that they are big enough to pop round the neck, they simply velcro round the back. Some bibs are so fiddly and tight, that it aggravates Molly before her feed and then it really is a battle between Molly, Mummy and the spoon!

The next bib is a strawberry one. And in my opinion my fave. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Both bibs cost £8.00 each and there are lots of other scrummy designs to choose from. The cupcake design is currently being sold in Harrods, it's stunning!

Beauty and the Bib have loads to offer too. Rompers, hats, slippers and they even have a sale on.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter too for updates.

Who would of thought a bib could be so beautiful!
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