Monday, 20 June 2011


If I wasn't content enough writing on here, the lovely ladies over at have welcomed me with open arms to contribute to their blogzine. That's right, I get to talk some more! Me and my trusty Mac will take over the world...MOHAHAHAHA.

Ok, enough of that. time to be serious now Holly.

The blogzine was established by Joanne who wanted to write a blog whilst she was pregnant and Louise, who is a nurse, would contribute with medical features for pregnant ladies. Joanne has now since given birth to the lovely Olive and they have both decided to open it up to a few other mummy writers. This is where i enter, and curtsy beautifully.

Don't fret my faithful followers, Dolly's & Daydreams is not going anywhere, and in fact have some exciting reviews and lots of lovely yummy mummy things to talk about, but now i just get to talk even more. Happy days!
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