Friday, 21 October 2011

Bloom - Review

OK...main factors to consider when choosing a highchair:

1. Practicability
2. Comfortableness

Factors to consider when I choose a highchair:

1. Style and will I gain extra 'cool-mum' points??

So after 30 mins of assembling the 'chosen one'...

et voila.

The Bloom Fresco. When God was giving out looks to highchairs, this was first in the queue. But, dear friends,  to my surprise, it's very practical. The Fresco has a crib, so you can lean the chair back for smaller babies, and then lift back up for an older baby. You can raise the seat, or lower, to keep in line with a dining table, AND its incredibly easy to clean. Easy to wipe, and no annoying little holes for crumbs to sit and hide and you can remove the seat pad to make sure there are no escapee crumbs too.

See not just a pretty face, huh?

BUT. Sorry there is a but. I couldn't put Molly in it straight away. She was 6 months and she looked so small and uncomfortable, that I had to wait. Molly was a small baby though but I still feel that it's best to wait until they can sit up properly.

Oh and just so you know, Kourtney Kardashian has one. That was enough for me.


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