Thursday, 1 September 2011

Watch Me Think - genius!

Since becoming Mama Holly, I have literally been mesmerised and brainwashed into every baby shop/baby aisle/online shop with the thought of buying the best and only the very best for my little girl (and clearly molding her into becoming a very demanding princess - uh-oh!) but everything is so pweeety and shiny and, how can I resist?!
But along with all the fabulous, gleaming, 'we're considerably richeeerrr than you' products, unfortunately so are the 'what in the b'jesus was I thinking when I bought this' products. The market for baby products is incredibly huge, that as a first-time mother you automatically think that your darling little one NEEDS the overly priced singing and dancing swingy chair thing which makes sounds such as whales, birds, the womb, heartbeat and it also feeds your baby at night and sings them to sleep (ok, so the last two were a lie, but wouldn't that be GREAT!). It's not until you get it home, unboxed and searched high and low for those Duracell AA's to get the damned thing to work, that you realise it was completely not worth it!

Step into the spotlight:

Watch Me Think is a great new way to upload video's to demonstrate the downfalls of a certain product which would save a lot of time and effort for mere mortals like me. Or even if you have a found a different use for a product, but not only that, a way to say to the online world 'I LOVE THIS!'.

And if your anything like me and fairly driven by the dollar, then the good news is: You get paid! 4x a year, into Paypal account and 'Thinkers' get 50% share of the profit. The catch? There is no real catch as such, however you do need to upload a vid with a product that you feel could be a little more 'worked on' or have a wonderful new idea in ways to better the product, and if that brand 'wahoo' your idea....then you can shout 'show me the money'!

Now no one go stealing my night-feeding, lullaby singing chair idea....I predict big things with this!

For more info:
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