Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Baby Sensory Nappy Balm - Review

Baby Sensory is a fantastic company with some gorgeous products, however their Nappy Balm Cleanse & Protect really should be in the spotlight. Baby Sensory sent me a tub to try on Molly and it couldn't of come at a better time!

Molly has 2 new teeth, so you know what that means right? Begins with 'T' and ends in 'eething'. Yup, teething is an absolute pain in the backside. And that's just for us, think about the pain the little pickles must be in. I have been pretty blessed when it comes to nappy rashes, Molly hasn't really suffered. But boy did I get a shock one morning, when I got a very grumpy and rosy-cheeked baby out of her cot and changed her nappy. Bright red and looked blistered. On close inspection, they weren't blisters but it was so sore that certain areas looked worse than the rest.

Me being me...I panicked! Good old mum had a look and confirmed ' a normal nappy rash'. Wowsers, it looked so severe, and every time I went near the area Molly got very upset. So perfect opportunity to review a nappy balm right?! right!
I caked on the silky smooth balm ( it's not thick and gooey, unlike some nappy creams) and I loved that it was odorless and clear in colour. I used it at every nappy change and I kid you not, the rash was a lot less angry looking the next day!
I was genuinely very surprised as I thought it might take a few days, but voila bye bye nappy rash and hello happy Molly and Mummy!!

There are 5 key ingredients:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil - Moisturises the skin and provides a protective barrier that resists infection
  • Castor Oil - Cleans and softens broken or rough skin and improves acne
  • Olive Oil - Promotes elasticity and disrupts the harmful effects of environmental pollutants that damage the skin
  • Cocoa Butter - Acts as an antiseptic agent to protect skin from eczema and rashes
  • Beeswax - has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, skin-softening and elasticity enhancing properties. The beeswax is harvested in Perthshire, Scotland.
The one downside to the product is the packaging. If I saw this in a shop, I would not be drawn to it at all, which is a shame as it really is a fab product. So if your little one has a bad nappy rash, please go to Baby Sensory to purchase for £5.99!

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