Monday, 8 August 2011

Peekaboo Review and Giveaway!

Peekaboo is an online shop like no other. Their gifts are unique, fresh and funky. and their products stand out a mile.

What are they?

The founder created the most gorgeous gifts called Peekaboo Pets and Sock Dolls. Each pet is made with their own unique and individual character with the clever use of textiles and stitches. What I love about them is that they are bright and would definitely capture a child's eye.
I have to include their mission statement which is found on their website as it so beautifully put and completely sums up Peekaboo:
"We believe that children should feel special and unique - and purely for this reason we have created Peekaboo Pets and created a poem for each Peekaboo Pet, which can include any child's name".

Everything about Peekaboo is so personal and I feel there is something very special about toys which are made with such great care and detail - something to treasure forever.
Here are some of my favourite Peekaboo Pets and Sock Dolls:



There are so so many to choose from, please go and have a look at their website: Peekaboo

Now, the lovely lovelies at Peekaboo have decided to give one of my fave Peekaboo Sock Dolls to you, my fabulous readers.

For the chance to win this gorgeous Sock Doll Cat

All you need to do is:

  • Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
  • Follow me on twitter and tweet 'I'm following @DollysDayDreams to win @peekaboo2006 sock cat' with link to comp
  • Follow me on Facebook and write on wall ' I want to win Peekaboo sock cat'.
  • Most importantly, comment below with a name for the cat
Competition closes on the 29th August at 7pm......GOOD LUCK

Fancy increasing your chances of winning? Head on over to Peekaboo's very own blog here, and enter to win Lola, a beautiful Peekaboo Pet!


  1. I think the little smart cat should be called Edmond x

  2. Handy the cat. Followed on Twitter now off to face book to do the same. @suej1601

  3. Wickers named after my childhood family cat because he is just a cute. following on twitter , google and fb. @jessws2011

  4. I am following you on twitter and facebook and following your blog :)
    I think the cat should be called sparkles xx

  5. I think he should be called Poggle. Easy sounds for children to say, and they won't have a friend with the same name!

  6. I think he should be called Charlie x
    im following your blog with GFC
    following and sharing on facebook
    but cant follow on twitter :(
    Dee Edmonds

  7. I am following you on twitter @TracyNixon and tweeting. I am a fan on facebook and sharing Tracy Nixon MSE. I am following your blog via GFC!
    I think the cat should be called Buttons xx

  8. I am following you on twitter and facebook and following your blog :)
    I think the cat should be called dreamy

  9. Tweeted and following @ericahughes
    Following on GFC
    Liked and commented on fb (Erica Price)
    I'd go for Kwazi (from the Octonauts)

  10. Following your blog already
    Liked and commented
    Tweeted!!already a follower
    Annabelle would call her Peppa!!!



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