Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello, It's me again......

So it looks like I got caught up in the whirlwind of reviewing and forgot to do what I love best: talking utter crap.
So what's happened in my glorious world? Well, I have gone and lost ALL my baby weight and some....I am now 8 stone. Yes really! Alright, alright not quite. 9 stone 3. I have been reunited with my cheekbones and bid a fond farewell to two of my chins. Just left with the 1 now. Phew!

Unfortunately in the last week, I may have been reacquainted with maybe a couple of pounds though. It's been BBQ after BBQ and meals out. Why? ITS MY BIRTHDAY. Well it was. Yes your late with the present. Just pop it in the post and all will be forgiven.

I am not old, far from it, but er, when did i become 28? I am officially in my late twenties. I'm far too immature to be seen as a proper 'grown up' now. But I had a lovely birthday and even managed a night with the besties. But being the sensible mummy I am now, I ended up drinking water for the latter part of the evening - meet my new phobia 'Hungover Mum'. I .. just... can't... do... it. I am very well known for having epic hangovers, in bed all day, throwing up every drop of vodka and Subway consumed the night before. Miss Cox has seen this on far too many occasions. But I just cannot do it anymore. The thought of getting up at 7 to feed Molly (bottle, don't worry!) is enough to turn anyone from drink!

Speaking of Molly, she is now 6 months old! WOW! Where the hell did that go? She is absolutely adorable (no I am not just biased, she actually is!) and is definitely showing her personality. She may look like her daddy, but she has all my traits. She jumps out of her skin at the tiniest of noises, I am a huge scaredy cat, she is a little bit of a diva....likes to be walked around, won't open her mouth if she decides she doesn't like what I am feeding her, and likes to scream at the top of her voice....and I mean unbelievable howling, in M&S Cafe. To the point where I have to make a swift exit, I cannot bear the looks of all the other customers who have nothing better to do than scowl at parents with crying babies. GOD FORBID!

She also has her 2 bottom teeth now. So, so cute. This where I am glad I am not breastfeeding.
She likes to bounce, a lot. She's attempting to sit up on her own, but still looking a lot like a Weeble, and she blows raspberry's at me. Cheeky girl!

So, it's all going on. I bet your all thinking 'stick to the reviews' right? I actually feel like I have just therapy, getting that all off my chest. I also feel that Molly is stealing a little bit of mummy's limelight, so here is mummy on her 28th birthday night out:

Oh, alright. Here is Molly too...

She actually makes my heart melt.

So long my faithfuls.

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