Friday, 12 August 2011

Prince Lionheart bebePod - Review

So we have all heard of the Bumbo.....but just like (in my eyes) Pink is the new Black....or like Protein are the new Carbs, the bebePod by Prince Lionheart is definitely the new Bumbo, and BETTER!

So, say hello to my little fwend:

I think we can all agree that the design is fab. Funky, unique and I love the white 'resting' pod in the middle. Perfect to pop naughty little fingers on instead of going in her mouth and then getting her food everywhere - mummy is struggling with the whole messy food time!

I don't really want to be comparing this to the Bumbo, but it's hard not to when they are similar products and similar design. I found the bebePod to be softer and much squidgier, I am not sure if it actually is but it seems deeper, as Molly sits more comfortably in the bebePod, I found in the Bumbo she slumped to the side. I also find that when I get her out of the bebePod, she slides out easily, I was always have to deal with stuck bottom in the Bumbo.

Weaning Molly, this has been such a godsend. She is comfortable, and also for extra security, you strap it onto a chair, although of course I recommend staying with baby AT ALL TIMES!

TEAM bebePod!!

Please check out Prince Lionheart's other products. They are such a diamond company. All the elements of a family-run, fully established company, but at the forefront of innovative and modern designs. Their website has even made it's way onto my Favourite that is something!!

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