Monday, 26 September 2011

Manhattan Toy - Review

Since Day 1 ( well almost, anyway) Molly has struggled with 'Tummy Time" - and yes, I do sing that to the tune of Hammer Time. Oh god, I'm an embarrassment already, poor girl! But anyway, 'Tummy Time' is not been her favourite past time.

Speaking to those wonderful guys over at Manhattan Toy HQ, they decided to send me the water mat, which helps promote and encourage playing on tummy.

The mat come deflated and you simply just fill up to the water line. The objects inside the mat start to float about in the water. As always, NEVER leave your little one alone with the mat.

Ok, so I would love to say after using the water mat, Molly loves 'Tummy Time' and is well on her way to crawling....but she isn't. And she still hates being on her tummy. However, she lasts a little longer now with the mat, which is great as it continuously strengthens those neck and little arm muscles.

I'm sure one day she will just 'get it' and I won't be doing tummy time with her when she is 25!

Do read my previous Manhattan Toy review here. Manhattan Toy produce FABULOUS toys for babies. Molly is completely fascinated by each toy - she never tires from exploring and playing with each toy, learning basic skills to assist her for the future. TEAM MANHATTAN TOY!

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