Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm Back...

I'm doing a Britney, Christina, Take That and a Russell Grant. It's my comeback.
I had a mini break from blogging. Not quite sure why. Mainly because I'm stupidly busy (still am) but I just found it a little too much.

I can't promise I will blog every hour of every day but I don't think I will leave it months in between posts now!

So what's happened....

1. Molly is almost 15 months!! She is a little pickle and the funniest mini person I know. Not walking yet but standing and trying to grab things she shouldn't!!
2. I now have my own dance business called DanceJam! It's a street dance school based in Hampshire and I also take classes in school!!
3. I've had my hair chopped.
4. I still love food.

So that's it. Missed me?! X
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