Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Oliver Peoples - I salute you!

So I gotta admit, I don't wear my glasses as much as I should. I start wearing them when I catch sight of my crows feet (although I'm sure they are more like whooping great American Eagle feet) or when my head pounds from my constant squinting.

I have often been accused of giving filthy looks to people. No, it's because I can't see you. Unless we are enemies. Then in that case, I'm giving you deathly stares.

I feel a bit conscious wearing my glasses, not because they are brown NHS glasses with bits of cello tape holding them together - they are very chic Chanel as a matter of fact. I just don't think I'm a glasses girl.

SOOOO... I thought it would be a great idea to purchase BIG Eric Morecambe style glasses, you know just to make sure I don't stick out like a sore thumb.

This is a pretty bad photo, I look waaaay to happy! But I do heart my glasses - Thanks Oliver Peoples and Pretavoir. For making me look like the birth child of Chris Evans and Eric Morecambe.
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