Sunday, 17 July 2011

Manhattan Toys - REVIEW

7 years ago my beautiful niece Erin, had a little toy called a Whoozit. She loved it, and the Whoozit is a fond memory of when Holly first became Auntie Holly.

Now Auntie Holly has become mummy, I desperately searched for a Whoozit...which I found in shopping paradise AKA John Lewis. But being in contact with a lovely chap from Manhattan Toys, has opened my eyes to all the other wonderful toys they produce.

They sent me a lovely (big) parcel with some Manhattan Toy goodies for Miss Molly to try. After tearing her away from her best friend Mr Whoozit, she certainly took a liking to these new little goodies in her life.

Molly's new playmates:

Whoozit Wrist Activity Spiral

My Snuggly Patches - Blankie

Wimmer Ferguson Sight & Sounds Travel Toy

Classic Baby Beads

See? LOTS of goodies!!

Molly adores the Whoozit Wrist Activity Spiral and I have to laugh when i put it on her as her face is a picture. 'Mummy what is this strange thing on my wrist? I don't know what it is, but I kinda like it'. This is incredibly handy as Molly is of the age where she is becoming incredibly active but not yet able to sit up, so laying down this keeps her entertained without the annoyance of her dropping it and unable to pick back up!

The Panda Snuggly Patches came in extra handy when it was nap time in the morning after breakfast! Molly loves soft toys against her face when she sleeps and as soon as dummy and Snuggly Patches were in place, she was out for the count!

The Wimmer Ferguson Sight & Sound Travel toy also keeps her incredibly entertained. It's great as it has lots of different textures, and her favourite noise....something that squeaks! I usually pop this on her car seat and it has a Velcro tie on so can hang, although once we have arrived at the destination, the toy has been pulled off and is playing with it or trying to eat every part of it!!

Molly has also played with the Classic Baby Beads, although for now I am holding onto them as she can't quite get the grip of them and just hits herself over the head with them. So I am holding them hostage and as soon as I feel she no longer beats herself up with them, i will let you know how we get on with them!

Stay posted for some more future Manhattan Toy goodies!
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