Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Scouring the Internet, it's always the funky, innovative looking products which catch my eye, and BOON is up there with the best!
AND.....not only that, its completely affordable. From feeding products, bath toys, toy tidy's to highchairs, Boon is a market leading brand with parents at the forefront of their designs.

So receiving my parcel courtesy of Boon couldn't of come at a better time - I had just started weaning Molly, so I used the first product which was suitable for Molly's age.

Introducing.......THE SQUIRT!

One word to describe Squirt: Genius.

It's an easy to fill bulb which you can pop up to 85gm of baby food in and attach the spoon onto the end. The simply squeeze the bulb and the food smoothly comes through the hole. You can then pop the protective cover on over the spoon for in-between feeds.

I cannot stress enough about how easy this product makes feeding. Everything seemed cleaner, especially as Molly is not in a highchair yet and it meant i had a free hand. Stress-free feeding is always welcome in my household.

The Squirt is priced at £8.99 and available at BOON and make sure you visit their FACEBOOK and TWITTER page and like for updates, comps and loads more!

Stay posted as I have some fabulous Boon products waiting to be reviewed but need to hang on until the 'Moo Moo's' is a wee bit older!
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