Sunday, 20 September 2015

New starts..

I don't know about you, but although I left school 16 years ago - wait, WHAT??! Shit, I'm old - I still see September as the start of a new year. It's almost as good as January as far as I'm concerned.

So it seems fitting that our September brought us lots of changes.

We moved house. That's right. Stressful, chaotic, no idea where my beloved Russell & Bromley bag has gone in the big move. But not only have we moved house, but we have moved to a village. It's so beautiful, I didn't see myself as the 'country bumpkin' type, but it's growing on me. It's very peaceful, and quaint - although the church bell practise is still yet to grow on me. Why on earth do they need to practise so much?!
Molly started school. It feels like it's been a long time coming, with Molly being more than ready for it. However, a few days before, I started looking at Molly. That sounds odd - I do look at Molly, but I mean really looking at her, taking it in, that my baby is actually growing up. She is still very young but I know that in less than a year, she won't be as little. And she has started denying me kisses at bedtime - I HATE that. Really hate that. She used to love our kisses and cuddles in bed but now pushes me away. Im assured it's a girl thing as our son, Jack, albeit only 9 months, is so very different! He loves a snuggle with me....

So after all this craziness, my mum and dad are selling their house. Wait. Did I say 'there' house? Whoops, I meant MY house. The house I grew up in. From nappies to falling up the stairs blind drunk and inviting boys back to sitting in my room waiting for James (daddy to Molly and Jack and my other half!) to text me back.
Selling my childhood home is really starting to get to me. Some people don't understand it. 'It's just bricks!' But to me it's waaaaay more. It's memories. The BEST memories.

So change is good. And one day I won't want the change to change - but for now, I'm just getting used to our new life.

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