Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Curtains up ..... Please take your seats.

Well, what better way to write my first post on the 1st February...slight touch of OCD quite possibly, everything has to be in order. But hey, not to get off the beaten track.

Hello...and welcome!! 

Let me get one thing straight, I don't have botox. Give me a year, and i may have to re-answer that, but for now, I am botox free. 
 So a little bit about me (I will keep it short); I am 27, a full time dance teacher, and 36 weeks pregnant! 

Although, from a very young age, I was wrapped up in cotton wool and had everything done for me, this past year has been very much a learning curve for. Moving into my house with my 'betrothed' and attempting and failing and attempting again and failing again to learn how to cook. I literally cannot be bothered, and completely clueless. However in 4 weeks time, I will be a mummy, and lets face it, no one wants a mummy who CANNOT COOK......GOD FORBID!!! So check in for my cooking updates, as I feel it could make for very amusing reading

I do have to confess to being a complete beauty junkie (the word 'whore' just doesn't feel right now with imminent motherhood), so....I will be popping in a few reviews of anything I absolutely adore and could not live without.

And once 'Princess Bump' becomes just Princess...I will be throwing in a few wonderful baby products that may come my way.
So like it is says on the tin, if you're interested in anything from Botox to Babies, this is the right place for you, plus if your lucky, you may even get a *special edition* labour post, but trust me, I will spare you the gory details.

But let me make one thing clear, I do not intend to leave any of my femininity, best lingerie and fave Louis Vuitton bag at the maternity ward, so: WATCH THIS SPACE.

Now where is that damned stretch mark cream..................


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